Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"Your ambition outweighs your talent"

...so said that delightful Aussie Casey Stoner to Valentino Rossi, when Rossi had the good grace to apologise in person for knocking Stoner out of the last MotoGP.

This bothers me on so many levels. Who in the name of hell does Stoner think he is? I'll tell you. He is another in a long line of sanctimonious Aussie sportspeople, drowning in their own self importance.

How dare this pipsqueak, this scrawny little under achiever criticise the mighty Valentino Rossi? Multiple world champion. Without doubt the most talnted motorbike rider in history. A wonderful, charismatic sportsman. How dare he intimate that Rossi has no talent, after years of being shown up by the very man he mocks? When did Soner think saying this was in any way appropriate? What the hell was he thining?

Let's review this again...

"obviously your ambition outweighted your talent".

This is a disgraceful thing to say. It would be bad enough if Stoner had said it to a less experienced biker, one who had'nt achieved greatness like Rossi, reeking as it does in arrogance. But that he said it to the finest rider in history just beggars belief.

Here's hoping this absurd comment comes back to bite Stoner on his little 8 stone arse, the pompious, arrogant, self rigthteous lout.

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