Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The grotesque Wayne Rooney

Where does one start with this grotesque? This utter imbecile. This hateful, arrogant, rude, ill-educated yob. A disgrace to himself and the game.

We could start with his choice of "ladies of the night". I would rather focus on his general demeanour. His sense of entitlement willfully encouraged by the adoring mindless masses of football fans and the media.

His hateful attitude on the pitch. His violent reaction to scoring a goal (not that we have seen much of them recently). His stuffing his fat gormless face with pizza, while still taking the Man Utd shilling while "recovering" in some ghastly Dubai hellhole with his tedious pikey wife (why was he not fined for this? Why did Man Utd not demand his salary back?). His foul language. His snarling, sneering face, cluelessly excused as "passion" by the adoring meeja.

This bloke has no shame. No pride. No sense of self worth. He represents not just everything that is wrong with football, the most hateful of all sports, but he is a true symbol of the ultimate decay of English society.

This is a man earning in excess of 200 grand a week. The average Aussie NRL player takes home A$120,000 a year. About 70,000 quid. Rooney earns this in just over 2 days. NRL players play more games, train significantly harder, play a much harder game, with pride and passion. Are they all saints? Clearly not. What Australian sportsman is? But they take a much bigger role in the general community than our disgraceful footballers. They actually work for their money. It is a joke how little they earn.

I did a bit of digging around a footballer's working week. If they play on Saturday, they get Monday off. They train 2 hours in the afternoon on Tues, Wed and Thurs, before rest on Friday which may include travel. They are under no obligation to do any community work whatsoever. They are under no obligation to get fitter (I am constantly amazed by how out of shape our "elite" footballers are: Andy Carroll is fat. Cole is puny. Rooney is patently unfit. Gerrard is just plain weedy. Have you seen a German footballer? Lean, tall, strong, fit. It is lamentable.)

Instead, they buy expensive cars, play playstation. The odd one might play golf, or buy a house or two. Meanwhile footballers on the continent learn how to kick with their other foot (when did you see Cole kick a ball with his right foot? Or come to think of it, Beckham kick a ball with his left foot? Compare that to Ronaldo, or Messi. Or any European player).

This is unnacceptable, but indulged by idiot English football managers, who like the players, are far more interested in what they can take fom the game than what they can give to it. What should they be doing? Learn how to pass accurately. Get fitter, stronger. Improve their technical skills. (for those interested, a superb piece by Glenn Hoddle from 2010 which neatly sets out many of the technical issues with English football: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-1291591/GLENN-HODDLE-The-future-England-team-frightening-Our-game-needs-radical-changes.html)

English footballers revel in their ineptitude. Watching the English football team is simply laughable. They are just plain rubbish. People blab on about Rooney and Gerrard. Neither would make any tier one nationla side. No way, no how. They are not up to it. They are symbolic of English football's demise.

You empty headed football fans who get excited about an England international. Grow up. Do you think the players so handsomely rewarded give a monkey's about representing their country? Course they don't. They are already planning which nightclub to go to, which airheaded bimbo they will shag in their mid-priced hotel room (I love that Ashley Cole was too tight to go beyond a Travel Lodge for the tarts he was scragging).

Do you think Capello in any way gives a flying fuck about the English team? Course not. He is too busy flying back to Italy to buy another work of art for his collection in his Tuscan mansion. 3 years and less English than I have Japanese. It;s a disgrace, but indulged by the greasy shysters at the FA. Always accompanied by that wierd looking translator with a pony tail. Where the hell did the FA drag this oddball from? It's a never ending circle of contempt. They are laughing at you.

I just despair at the game football has become. I weep at the thick louts who spend their DSS money watching a bunch of preening, self serving yobs kick a ball about aimlesssly, worshipping these fools who openly despise and mock them in return.

You are all welcome to it. I despise you as much as I despise the game of football.

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