Monday, April 18, 2011

Alex Ferguson is laughing at you...

I don't want to. I really don't. But I can't help it. Another day, another host of stories illustrating quite perfectly why football continues to sink into the depths of shame. A hateful game, played by hateful yobs, managed by shameless, corrupt officials and cheered on by the preening cowards in the MSM.

This monster, this man mountain of self loathing sanctimony "Sir" Alex Ferguson really tops it all off.

Relentlessly rude, arrogant and deeply unpleasant, he continues to have the media lapping up his every word, for fear of course of being the next poor journo banned from his tedious, ill-mannered press conferences. As I have said before, he is not some sort of machiavellian genius. He is Scottish shop steward who got very lucky.

That he has refused to speak to the BBC for how ever many years, in flagrant abuse of his contractual obligations, just shows what a shower of shit this over-indulged shop steward is. And the FA tiptoes round him, as if he is some sort of demigod, rather than the mean spirited bully he is. And preening over coiffured lackeys like Henry Winter drool all over him. Happy to ave a go at the idiot Wenger, he then proceeds to defend Ferguson using the tired old "bottle of red wine after a game" routine. How long have we heard that? Does this in any way justify or excuse Ferguson's one man assault on decency? The man is a disgrace. Yet Winter bends over backwards to defend him.

Now Ferguson was the only manager of the four semi final teams not to co-operate with cuckolded FA Cup sponsors EON. In many ways it serves them right. There is a lesson here - don't get involved in football, or with footballers (though I note with a due sense of depression that drinks makers are queueing up to sign up Rooney how Coke has dropped him). But when all three other maangers had the common courtesy to at least pose for a few pics, Ferguson was off sulking into his porridge. Again, he does this with impunity. They are scared of him. It's pathetic. "ooh, but he shares a glass of wine with the opposing manager". Does he fuck.

Meanwhile the ghastly Mario Balotelli continues to disappoint. A borderline sociopath, Balotelli can't even put on a training bib without someone's help. He displays total contempt to his teammates, to his club and to the moron Man City fans who seem to think he is a wonderful asset to the club. He detests Manchester. He detests the club that pays his monstrous wages. He parks his car at the door of the training ground, despite being told not to, again and again. He mocks English football and England and we let him get away with it.

Capello chooses to go to Spain for some R&R and to watch the glamour game, buy another renaissance masterpiece to add to his collection for his Tuscan villa, rather than having the goddammn common fucking courtesy to watch some FA Cup games which may, just maybe might result in one or two english payers (are there any left?) showing they are capable and can kick with both feet. He mocks the FA and those that pay his vast salary.

El Hadji-Diouf thinks Gaddafi is great.

A Man Utd coach kicks a hole in a wall at Wembley, a typically graceless reaction to defeat. Cue a host of plebs thinking they can do the same thing.

And why is it footallers do not have the courtesy to look their opponents in the eyes when "shaking hands" (if that is what they call it) after a game. It is bizarre. They shake hands while looking soemwhere else. Watch it and you will see what I mean. Why? Cos noone has told thenm to pull their head in and show some bloody respect. Like Rooney, Baloteli, Ferguson. The list goes on. These people are allowed to get away with whatever they want and the media, like Winter, are complicit in it.

Winter's column today praising 19-yr old Jack Wilshere for his "responsibility" a month after his 22-yr old ex girlfried gives birth to his kid just shows the depths to which football has sunk.

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