Thursday, April 28, 2011

Henry Winter and the "responsible" Jack Wilshere

The Chairman is still reeling from that preening buffon Henry Winter's (Daily Telegraph) piece eulogising Jack Wilshere for his "responsibility".

I see today it was reported this little pikey's sister has been done for glassing a fellow pub goer, for having the temerity to call an ambulance at the same time as her. Regardless about what this says about the current state of the UK (ie. a seething mass of self loathing, entitlement and hate), it is a damning indictment of Wilshere and his ghastly family.

Sadly this gobby tart has not been sent down. Rather a 2-year conditional dischanrge, whatever the hell that means and a 3,000 quid fine. About 2 hours work for our responsible Jack, if he is not too busy fathering illegitiamte kids at age 19, or posing in his poncey Ferrari. I see our reponsible Jack was also cautioned for assault in November last year following a brawl.

Wilshere is not responsible. He is a hateful little bastard. A spoilt yob, blessed with a sporting talent, which he will abuse daily. Yet Winter defends this lout. Why? Because it keeps Winter gainfully employed writing about this grotesque sport, football.

Grow a pair Winter, you vain twat, and start holding these pseudo rapists to account.

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