Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ponting is a disgrace

Another day, another example of "Ricky" Ponting behaving like a lunatic. He does this in the knowledge his pisspoor ruling body Cricket Australia allows him to get away with whatever he likes. This is the same bloke who has an endless catalogue of dismal behaviour ill-befitting a cricket player, let alone one who captains his country.

Let's remind oursleves of this fact. Ponting is captain of his country, not the bloody local village Sunday side. Jesus wept, who the hell does he think he is? He is a nasty little bully with small man syndrome. He rules the Australian cricket roost like a preening cockeral, full of nasty chippy comments, threatning body language and the most ghastly overwhelming sense of entitlement and conspiracy. He seems to think the world is plotting against him, but has simply failed to work out he is a vicious hateful little bastard, who let us not forget, has lost 3 out of 4 Ashes series as skipper. Humiliating. And it is eating him up inside.

This time, what has our Richard done? Got run out and as ever, refused to accept that a poor little Zimbabwean had the gall to throw a ball which hit the stumps, stormed off in a swearing huff and proceeded to smash up the dressing room, including breaking a flat screen TV.

It is no surprise that CA has failed to apologise, and it is even less of a shock that Ponting has refused to say anything. He did the same when run out by Gary Pratt in 2005 didn't he?

Ponting is out of control. He simply must go. Enough is enough. The man is a disgrace to himself, his country and the game and it reflects poorly on Australia as a nation that he remains, apparently without censure.

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