Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ponting true to form...

Well it didn't take long for "Richard" Ponting to make a fool of himself did it, the hate-filled, seething little pillock. 20 minutes in fact. And then there he was. Screaming obscenities at some poor India bowler after some mild provocation. Of course the Aussie media spin was as depressingly disingenuous as it was predictable. "it was all Sreesanth's fault, boohoo etc."

Lamentable stuff. As I have far too often stated, the Aussies can sure dish it out, but by god, they sure as hell can't take it can they?

Frankly they don't deserve anyone better then this grotesque excuse for an international captain. Incidentally, google "Ponting + argument" you get 82,500 hits. Google "Ponting + behaviour" you get 139,000. The bloke is a national disgrace.

Still, I hope he goes to sleep knowing he has captained Australia to three Ashes losses in four series. Sreesanth is right. He is a fucking loser.

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