Monday, March 28, 2011

Goodbye Richard

So he's off. And not a moment too soon. However our Richard "still has plenty to offer Australian cricket". Plenty of self loathing and disgraceful behaviour yes. His performacne in the world cup was an utter shambles. That he was able to walk, rather than be pushed, just shows how spineless Cricket Australia is. And just who was that idiot in the poncy bow tie in the press conference? Trying a bit too hard there old boy. Good riddance. Of course I am delighted Ponting will hang around like a bad smell. With him and that oaf Katich in the dressing room, you can be sure it will be the most hateful team in world cricket. Poor little Michael Clarke having to captain a news side with these 2 idiots breathing down his ghastly tattooed neck. He doesn't stand a chance.

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