Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Leaping Case of Rio Ferdinand

So Man Utd win the Premiership. Well whoop-di-fucking-do.

I just haven't got the energy to deconstruct the laughable "Premiership". It's a contradiction in terms. A worthless cesspit of shysters on the make, corrupt officials, lazy rapist footballers and foreigners.

Jesus, what the hell was Tevez thinking draping himself in the Argentian flag? Did no one else find that offensive? Imagine if an Englishman had draped himself in a British flag in Argentina? He'd last 5 minutes. We are a weak, thoughtless, self-loathing nation.

But on the the subject of this post.

Why must that wonky-mouthed bed-ridden lout "Rio" Ferdinand jump onto the shoulders of any player that scores?

Am I really the only person to notice this? It's not on the odd occasion is it? It's EVERY time. A Man Utd player scores, he is chased by this lanky, soft buffoon, who promptly jumps on his back and screams obscenities at the crowd.

It drives The Chairman potty. It's like the inevitability of KP giving away 4 overthrows every time he fields. You know its going to happen and yet no one does anything about it.

I would love, just LOVE for our Rio to fall on his precious 150k-a-week arse just the once and wipe that ghastly, ignorant lop-sided grin of his gurning mug.

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