Wednesday, May 11, 2011

AFL shows how it is done...

To my noble Brit readership, AFL is of course Aussie Rules Football.

The Chairman loves his "footy" as they call it out here. The fact they call any game with a ball (apart from cricket) "footy" is by the by. I'm talking Aussie Rules.

Aussie Rules is the equivalent of football in England (at least as close an equivalent as it is possible to get). The competition is the widest followed, pays the highest wages etc etc. It is an astonishing game. These players are freakishly fit, brave and hard. They put the puny physiques of our drug addicted football "elite" to shame. They put their bodies on the line every week. The mileage they cover every game is eye watering.

The game is superbly run out here. The Governing Body, despite being run by a sociopath leftist megalomaniac who seems to think it is the AFL's role to be talking about "climate change" is a model governing body. Swift decision-making, massive emphasis on player responsibilty, game development and post career training.

The effort that goes into grass roots in this country is astonshing. It puts our lamentable, hateful football to shame. The last thing anyone in this disgusting code cares about is grass roots. The small clubs, those clubs underneath the fantasy Premiership bubble. They treat the game with contempt. And are praised for it. And yet we still wonder why our supposed leading players in the country can't use both feet and seem knackered after 20 minutes.

Because they are bone idle, hateful, lazy pikeys, who care more about which bimbo they are going to abuse next than they do about representing the club that pays their wages.

But the point of this post is on a ruling The Chairman has only just discovered.

Every AFL registered player HAS to spend one day a week studying or working.

You English read that again. Yes. Even the mega stars (for that is what they are out here), need to study or work one day a week.

I was always amazed at how eloquent so many AFL players were. How interesting game analysis was when players were on the panel. They knew what they were talking about and were able to express themselves. Now I know why.

Jesus wept, these ex players on MOTD are just fucking weak. Idiots to a man. Gary Linekar? Give me strength. The bloke is a midlands pikey. And as for the post game interviews with moron monosyllabic footballers. I mean it's just embarrassing.

Why? Because our ghastly game does NOTHING to educate these yobs. They are not taught to seak, to take responsibilty for their own actions. They are instead lauded, praised, spoilt, treated like royalty. And we wonder why every game we watch we are treated to disgusting behaviour, to violence, to stupidity.

God I hate football.

Why does the spineless FA not fucking do something about it? Why not a one day a week rule in the UK? Let's send these ill-educated vermin back to school. Let's send them to an office a day a week. Learn how real people live. Learn how some people actually do seem to blindly care for the club that pays these grotesque wages and all they get is contempt in return. Yes you Rooney, you fat oik. You, who blackmails a club into vastly increasing your wage, while stuffing your fat face full of over priced pizza while apparently recovering in Dubai.

But they don't. The bastards get away with whatever the fuck they like, mocking us all. They are brainless. Can any of Cole, Rooney, Dyer even speak English properly? They are completely detached from reality, and the FA does nothing about it.

One day a week study or work. Imagine that in the UK. We can but dream.

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