Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Cook saga part 2

Some quick analysis of KP and a word (or three) on my favourite player, Alastair Cook.

Since Feb 2009, KP has scored 1158 runs, at 42.

However, this is boosted by his filling his boots (Cook style) against the most feeble bowling attack in world cricket – Windies, against whom England played 8 tests, home and away.

Take away the Windies and start from the Ashes in July and the picture looks very different: 703 runs at 39 (just). Needless to say, this is again boosted by a series against Bangladesh.

He has not scored a ton since March 2009 and he averaged 25 against SA.

Many will remember my thorough analysis of Cook’s batting average as well, predicting he would almost certainly fill his boots and bump his average up in the mickey mouse Bangladesh series. Sure enough, his cumulative average of 42.65 at the end of the SA series, bumped up to 44.97 during the Bangladesh series. Just to repeat, his average has declined consistently from his first test. His FIRST test.

This is sound statistical analysis of two players who no longer deserve to be picked for the Test side. It’s really as simple as that. Cook in particular has shown time and time again, against the better teams, he will fail. Yet he continues to get picked. Think of all the other players who could have been trialed I the meantime. Cook is NOT UP TO IT. Jesus, if he had any balls he’d admit it and go back to play for Essex. How does he sleep at night, in his free sponsored Jag, comfy central contract, posh central London apartment and all the trimmings.

Cook’s ever declining average is a sure sign of someone who is not up to international cricket. It’s all there in black & white.

He WILL fail in the rest of this series as Asif and Aamer are good fast swing bowlers. Just as he WILL fail against the hateful Aussies and the WILL fail against SA. But he will score runs against India, Windies and Bangladesh. It’s not just likely, it is statistical FACT.

I say again, his being picked for the Ashes is tantamount to fraud and a Class Action should be brought against the ECB. Lawyers, do please advise.

I could go on, but I am close to incandescent rage and my typing will only suffer.

As for KP, mentally he is shot. It is plain for all to see (apart from the ECB). He should go and play club cricket for 3 months, followed by country cricket for 6 months (in other words, write off an entire year’s international cricket) before being considered again. Let’s see if he wants it enough. I am dubious. Watching him scratch around is just painful and a complete waste of time – he is never going to improve on the international treadmill.

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