Monday, July 5, 2010

A guide to the Chairman of Selectors

The Chairman of Selectors was borne out of the simple frustration of watching useless, bone idle, spineless sports governing bodies continue to preside over the escalating chaos of running their respective codes. Be it the dismal, corrupt officiating of the FA, to the blinkered, cowardly, incompetent mugs at the ECB. Our national sports are run by incompetents. This is reflected in the shoddy selection of national teams and the dire performance of our frequently over-remunerated sports "stars". We can expect to see regular reviews of squad selections on this website and no player representing our nation, in whatever sport, can expect his poor performances to go unnoticed. Yes, that means you Wayne Rooney, you ghastly oik, and you "Jade" Johnson, who continues, inexplicably, to receive lottery funding. Enough is enough.

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